• Easy Listening For Love
  • The Golden Age Revisited
  • Aliens
  • 미끄럼틀(feat.SUMIN)
  • Super Disco (수퍼 디스코)
  • 니온 라이트 (Neon Light)
  • SQ (We Don't Need No EQ IQ)
  • 웨ㅔㅔㅔㅔ
  • 탱탱볼
  • The Golden Age
  • 오리엔탈 디스코 특급
  • Groove official
  • 여동생이 생겼어요

Weh eh eh eh eh (feat. Black Nut),


Weh eh eh eh eh (feat. Black Nut),

  1. 웨ㅔㅔㅔㅔ Weh eh eh eh eh (feat. Black Nut)


2014 was meaningful year for Sultan of The Disco. The success of ambitious single album 'Tang Tang Ball' is just start of the great year. The band got an official Glastonbury invitation, first time for Korean musicians-continuously got invited to Summer Sonic in Japan and Music matters in Singapore. Also last fall, they got selected by Tony Maserati, one of the world's most influencial producer, as a partner for their next single. The potential of the Sultan of The Disco, proven through global music festivals, was gotten a concrete chance to make it bloom.

And this winter, putting the year a nice end, Sultan of The Disco released new single. The title is '웨ㅔㅔㅔㅔ‘. This is not a miss typo, this is an official naming. Leader NahZam Sue was inspired by this exact letter figure, which was actually meaningless slang among his old pals. The title was first to born, and then lyrics came to his mind. The song is about criticizing keyboard-talkies who are not doing anything in reality but being smart-ass online. However, without this background story the song seems to have something to do with love relationship.... Anyway, NahZam was considering linguistic sound and vocal of the song rather than what it meant.

For that, the sound of this single is definitely novel from prescedented Sultans' song. Their original sound is from 70's soul/disco, meanwhile this song is tributed to 80's. Historically 80's was an era that soul musicians like 'Rick James' and 'Paliament', affected by new wave sound of the white, were making new style of disco music. Therefore Nahzam sue gave Synthesizer a lead role for his new song, which role before was taken by Brass and also kept whole rhythm simple, resulting in more pop sound. Construction of the song is especially interesting. From the beginning of the song, hook pops up and it continues to other hooks, which make whole song to be filled only with attractive sound parts.

According to 80's concept of the song, visual details are largely changed. Before, the members wore suit on the stage. Getting the motive from old school hip-hoppers like MC Hammer and Run DMC, members decided what to wear for themselves. As a result, Sultan of The Disco now got unique style totally different from before. Also, the music video, conceptualized and produced by Nahzam sue himself, reveals the mood of 80's by using 'Chroma Key', a legacy of 80's video work and combining members' acting with old-school CG.