World Tour 2014

  • 05.21~24 / Music Matters (Singapore)
  • 06.25~29 / Glastonbury Festival (UK)
  • 08.16~17 / Summer Sonic (Japan)
  • 10.06~08 / MU:CON (Korea)

“I stumbled across a Korean Chic called Sultan of the Disco, who were ace” – Mark Savage, BBC Journalist

Winter in 2013, 'Sultan of the Disco'(Sultan) heard unbelievable news, that the team was given an official invitation from Glastonbury Festival. Sultan thought there must have been a mistake. Of course in Korea, they were raising popularity and dominating lots of major music festivals, but, it’s Glastonbury, which is world’s biggest and greatest festival! But, it’s true. The official invitation letter was soon to arrive and it was a life time dream-come-true moment for SOD.

There begins amazing summer world tour of 2014. In May, they were invited as Korean musician representatives in ‘Music Matters’, Singapore. And in June, finally Glastonbury was at their hands. Fear was as big as thrill; would the music of 'Sultan of the Disco' be enough to deliver its excitement for the crowds of world? During a couple of stage, such fear was completely gone. A thousand of crowds went wild for SOD, following unprecedented disco movement and also eagerly repeating unfamiliar Korean lyrics. With finest sound system and greatest crowds, SOD gave their best performance resulting unfortunate no-reference in news articles but hot SNS reactions including a BBC reporter mentioning it was just the best stage throughout the whole festival.

Coming back from U.K., SOD was also scheduled to perform in ‘Summer Sonic’, one of the greatest festivals in Japan. Again, SOD kept up its high-quality stage and Japanese crowds responded with huge volume of album purchase. Continuing their international performances, SOD is finding another chance on this October through MU:CON, the biggest music market in Korea.

Sultan2Joy at Glastonbury & Music Matters